Sunday, January 2, 2011

Exit the Poodle


That's from May 13, 2007, "Exit the Poodle." Tony Blair. I actually didn't do a lot of Blair comics.

I also didn't do a lot of Gordon Brown ones. I remember one Gordon Brown but there may be others. I think there were two or three Tony Blairs. It's not that I didn't find them ridiculous, I did. But I also felt, as a US citizen, the one I needed to call out the loudest was George W. Bush.

A catty Australian blogger, in 2005, re-posted one of my comics with a snide little message about how he disliked all my stuff except for that one comic. Hey, jag-off, that comic isn't yours to repost. I've been reposted at other sites too but they didn't usually steal my comic and insult me at the same time so I haven't much paid attention (but I retain the rights to all of my comics). I bring this up because this Australian blogger never, EVER, called out John Howard. Throughout the Iraq War, he trashed Bush and Tony Blair (he stopped blogging before Gordon Brown replaced Blair -- which was before Barack replaced Bush -- notice how many "B"s are War Hawks?). But he would never trash John Howard who was a War Hawk and who sent the Australian military into the Iraq War. He would never call out John Howard. What a coward. His own country's leader and he couldn't call him out.

I never wanted to be a coward. So I've always made a point to call out US leaders before I call out anyone else. In some countries -- and who knew that included Australia -- calling out leaders can't get you killed or hurt.

Stealing this from Third:

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