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Mookie's Mixed Messages


From March 8, 2020, that's "Mookie's Mixed Messages."  C.I. noted:

Isaiah's latest THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Mookie's Mixed Messages."  Cult leader Moqtada al-Sadr, all painted up, declares, "It's me, your leader, Queen Mooki al-Sadr.  Girls are ickey!  Let's just protest with each other, boys.  Who wants to play grab ass in the showers?  Wait!  I'm losing control!  Everyone back to the streets!" Isaiah archives his comics at THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS.

Moqtada's trying to put together a group currently to put together a government in Iraq.  He's not known for his successes thus far.

Here's C.I.'s ""Iraq snapshot:" 


 Friday, January 21, 2022.  Joe Biden's report card is an embarrassment and a major attack is carried out by ISIS in Iraq.

Oh, look, Nate Silver thinks he's people.  The statistician Tweeted:

The best way to understand Biden is not as a moderate or a liberal but as someone who, with a good deal of success, has always tried to position himself at the center of the Democratic Party. So as the Democratic Party has moved left, so has Biden.

Stick to numbers, robot, it's really all you can deal with -- not understand, mind you.  You can't understand numbers and your whole career has proven that -- though others did prop you and pretend when you were with THE NEW YORK TIMES.  But after you predictions -- passsed off as facts -- for 2016 were so wrong, you really should stick to just adding and subtracting, maybe a little multiplication.

Peter Daou replies to Human Calculator Nate:

Like Pelosi, Biden is the ultimate protector of the status quo. He's no more "left" than you are a rabbit.

Basic reality like that leaves Nate highly confused.

In fact, we do have footage of Nate reacting to Peter's Tweet.

Reed Zeta Tweets to correct Nate:

When it came to the Iraq war, he was not in the center. He was in the Lieberman camp.

And that's an accurate descritpion.  Although it could be argued that there were issues that even Joe Lieberman wa more progressive on than Joe Biden was.  

Yesterday, we noted Margaret Kimberley's latest column at BLACK AGENDA REPORT where she evaluated year one of Joe Biden's presidency.  In the video below, she's addressing the same topic on FAULT LINES RADIO.

Margaret also addresses Biden and his presidency on BAM NECESSARY in the video below.

Also calling out Joe's first year as president is Howie Hawkins who, at COUNTERPUNCH, offers:

It is time for progressives to stop being passive spectators of the inside game that progressive members of Congress are playing, which has only led to negotiating concessions with conservative Democrats who hold the balance of power in a closely divided Congress. It is time for independent political action that focuses on organizing and mobilizing the majority support that already exists for many progressive reforms like the Green New Deal (63%), Medicare for All (72%), Medicare drug price negotiations (83%), tuition-free public college (63%), student debt forgiveness (66%), $15 minimum wage (64%), paid family leave (75%), and tax the rich (71%).

Independent political action means raising progressive demands in the streets and every public forum available without compromise or equivocation. It also means running Green Party candidates on these demands outside the two-party system of corporate rule. Without Green Party challengers from their left, progressive demands will continue to be dismissed by the Democratic leadership because progressive voters pose no threat of taking their votes elsewhere.

Progressives trapped inside the Democratic Party are powerless because the corporate Democrats who dominate the party take their votes for granted since the Republican Party is not an option for progressives. It is time for progressives to build the Green Party and give the voters a real alternative and leverage in the political system.

There is no time to waste. Climate breakdown is accelerating. Inequality is killing us – U.S. life expectancy has been declining since 2015, well before the covid pandemic. Military bloat and the new nuclear arms race are growing without challenge from within the two parties of corporate militarism. We need the Green Party now more than ever.

In the 2020 election, Freen Party member Howie ran against Joe.  On Joe's watch, things are getting a lot worse.  We'll again note that Veterans for Peace has issued its "Nuclear Posture Review" which concludes:

The world is a much more dangerous place with nuclear weapons, particularly given the current confrontations among nuclear-armed nations. The United States military seeks “Full Spectrum Dominance” and the government appears determined to be the preeminent global power, even in the face of diminishing economic power relative to a rising China. It is hard to imagine the US taking serious steps toward nuclear disarmament without a sea change in the thinking among its political elites and real change in its posture toward the rest of the world.
Activist efforts to restrain US militarism and intervention around the globe, to cut the military budget, and to encourage mutual respect and diplomacy among nations must therefore go hand-in-hand with efforts to reduce and eliminate all nuclear weapons.
The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW), which went into effect January 22, 2021, is an historic and extremely important event. It expresses the clear desire of the peoples of the world to be free from nuclear weapons and the threat of a nuclear war that could end human civilization.
The Nuclear Ban Treaty is a valuable tool for education and organizing. Even though the US and other nuclear-armed states have yet to sign on to the TPNW, many cities in the USxxx have passed resolutions in support of signing. New York City is the latest to sign on to the ICAN Cities Appeal. The US states of California, Oregon, New Jersey and Maine have also passed resolutions in support of the TPNW. Veterans For Peace encourages all of our chapters, members, friends and allies to pursue similar support for the TPNW in their cities.
It is important to build an intersectional movement for peace at home and peace abroad. We are engaged in struggles for racial justice, for non-intervention in the affairs of other nations, and for redirecting funds from the military – and nuclear weapons – to healthcare, education and other human rights. We are making common cause with the burgeoning Climate Justice Movement, proclaiming that climate catastrophe and nuclear war are the twin threats to all life on earth.
Our VFP Nuclear Posture Review provides a stark contrast to the Nuclear Posture Review being prepared for President Biden by the Pentagon, which will continue to justify the discredited idea of nuclear deterrence, while feeding billions more dollars to nuclear weapons manufacturers. We are providing a well-researched and credible alternative that reflects the global desire for nuclear disarmament and peace. We hope that the VFP Nuclear Posture Review will be a guide, a useful tool and an inspiration for all who wish a peaceful future for our children, our grandchildren and generations to come.

At DISSIDENT VOICE, John Rachel speaks with former US House Rep and 2008 Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney:

John Rachel:  The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has recently put the hands of the Doomsday Clock to 100 seconds before midnight. Midnight means all out war, probably nuclear holocaust. This is the closest it has ever been. Do you agree with this dire assessment?

Cynthia McKinney:  While I don’t always agree with the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, I have to acknowledge that for many people on the planet, it is already Doomsday; the U.S. is bombing or sanctioning dozens of countries around the world. U.S. bombs and U.S. sanctions have real consequences.  As usual, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has a very Eurocentric view of Doomsday: Iraq was pummeled with depleted uranium munitions.  On a trip to that country three years ago, every member of my delegation arrived home sick after having been in Iraq just over one week.  Depleted uranium used there has resulted in incalculable premature deaths, cancers, deformed babies, and untold general illnesses.  Depleted uranium has been used in Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, as well as in Iraq.  I introduced legislation to prohibit the use of these munitions and was visited by the Pentagon; my Congressional office was event infiltrated by a young, hip-looking intern who was later found rifling through my office files and fired on the spot.  I did not, however, hear a peep from Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.

JR:  The U.S. always portrays itself as the greatest force on the planet for peace, justice, human rights, racial equality, etc. Polls tell us that most other nations actually regard the U.S. as the greatest threat to stability. What in your view is the truth here?

CM:  The so-called Spanish Flu actually originated on a military base in Kansas; so, too, the situation with SARS-CoV-2, the so-called China virus, whose bioweapon spike protein originated in the U.S., created with U.S. tax dollars. No one who has lived inside the U.S. would ever seriously declare the U.S. “as the greatest force on the planet for peace, justice, human rights, racial equality, etc.”  Instead, those who know the U.S., know that the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. still ring true today:  that the U.S. is the greatest purveyor of violence on the planet.  Only Israel and apartheid South Africa could rival the U.S. in modern times.  U.S. allies, the colonizing countries, are also responsible for unspeakable horrors in pre-modern times.  Now, certain elements of the U.S. Deep State have declared war against the people of Russia, China, and the bloodstreams of the current global population.  After all, it was the Project for a New American Century that wrote in Rebuilding America’s Defenses on page 60 the following:  “[A]dvanced forms of biological warfare that can ‘target’ specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.”  Every one of the signatories to this document put him- or herself  in a position to make this statement become official U.S. policy.  Hence, official circumvention of the moratorium on gain-of-function research in order to create the bioweapon spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 and the mRNA concoctions that are being portrayed as “vaccines.”  In fact, the Spanish Flu became a global phenomenon helped along by a mass inoculation project of the Rockefeller Foundation.  Parallels to today are staggering.

JR:  Here’s a chicken-or-egg question: The U.S. accuses both Russia and China of rapidly expanding their military capabilities, claiming its own posturing and increase in weaponry is a response to its hostile adversaries, Russia and China. Both Russia and China claim they are merely responding to intimidation and military threats posed by the U.S. What’s your view? Do Russia and China have imperial ambitions or are they just trying to defend themselves against what they see as an increasingly aggressive U.S. military?

CM:  Interesting. I have visited Malaysia many times; it has a vibrant population of people from India and China.  Yet, I was in the audience when Tun Dr. Mahathir stated that Malaysians had less to fear from the Chinese than they did from the British.  In fact, the U.S. and their cousin English colonizers are responsible for the trafficking of individual Indians and Chinese all over the world.  Add to that, the annihilations by French conquerors and Spanish Conquistadores—and you’re talking about the murders and subjugation of untold millions of individuals.  The U.S. allies were not the victims of the colonial atrocities of Spain, Britain, France, Belgium, Holland. U.S. allies are the perpetrators of incalculable physical and psychological pain in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.  Interestingly, the friends to the colonized peoples were the Soviet Union and Mao’s China, which was divided as a result of U.S. hegemony over Taiwan and Britain’s sovereignty over Hong Kong.  Neither Russia nor China, at their worst, can count the globally pervasive international crimes against humanity that are owned by the so-called West.  Even worse, the U.S. has turned those reprehensible international behaviors onto the people of the U.S.  Even going so far as testing potential bioweapons on the U.S. domestic population.

Joe's failures, of course, include his being unable/unwilling to address climate change in any real manner.  The Green Party issued the following:

WASHINGTON, DC — The EcoAction Committee of the Green Party of the United States (Green Party US) condemns President Biden’s year of climate negligence and renews the call to pressure the president to declare a climate emergency and issue a comprehensive series of related Executive Orders, as described on

EcoAction Committee of Green Party of the United States
January 18, 2022

Biden and Congressional Democrats must also replace the ever-shrinking “Build Back Better” (BBB) social and climate spending bill with a public vote on robust Green New Deal legislation, without delay. The Green New Deal needs to be implemented immediately to address:

  • social and economic suffering
  • healthcare apartheid
  • existential threats of climate change, biodiversity loss, ecosystem degradation, erosion of democracy, the nuclear threat and gross inequality

In the 2020 election, Green presidential nominee Howie Hawkins called for an annual $2.7 trillion investment in climate initiatives to reduce emissions to zero within a decade. Greens also sought an annual $1.4 trillion investment in an Economic Bill of Rights and COVID relief, focused on guaranteed living wage jobs, guaranteed income above poverty, expanded and improved Medicare-For-All, housing, and education.

The Green Party advocates for a Just Transition, ensuring good jobs and compensation for workers and others dependent on the present fossil fuel industry. Greens support directing a majority of this funding to low-income and communities of color, which face the worst consequences of climate change.

Quote From Green Party US EcoAction Committee Co-Chair Mark Dunlea:

“Biden and the Democrats have squandered the first year of what is likely to be only a two-year window where they have the majority votes in both Houses of Congress. Last year, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a ‘Code Red for the planet,’ saying the pledges made by elected officials since the Paris accords were far too little to avoid a climate collapse. It is long past time for Senator Schumer to make Senators take a public vote on whether they will sacrifice the well-being of their constituents and future generations in order to maintain the campaign donations and profits of fossil fuel companies.”

The Democrats’ failure to strip Senator Manchin, with his infamous coal investments, from his position as chair of the Senate Energy Committee is unconscionable. Legislators must find a way to halt the existing, excessive use and misuse of fossil fuels, including natural gas. And yet, while Biden promised to halt new fossil fuel permits on federal land if elected, he has done the opposite.

While the Democrats argue over the size of the ever-smaller (BBB) plan, they recently enacted the world’s largest military budget; the Green Party supports redirecting at least half of Pentagon spending to invest in a Green New Deal. A carbon fee-and-dividend program could make polluters pay for the massive damage they cause while raising revenues for climate action.

Quote From Green Party US EcoAction Committee Co-chair DawnMarie Cronen:

“During WWII, President Roosevelt took control of the American economy to respond to the emergency. He redirected the productive power of the country to build what was needed to protect the American people. I believe Biden needs to take a similar approach, redirecting our productive capacity today from building weapons for oil wars to defeating the urgent existential threat of climate change. We need public ownership and democratic control of our energy and economic systems  to ensure that we build renewable energy not only quickly but in the locations that best meet the public needs to find ways to continue to provide heat, electricity and basic needs to our nation and for the sake of our planet.” 

The Democrats’ plan to increase energy subsidies for private enterprises is both more expensive and far less effective at cutting greenhouse emissions than employing public works projects and democratic planning. The Green Party opposes Congressional support for false solutions such as nuclear, biomass, garbage incineration, and “carbon capture” technology designed to allow the continued burning of fossil fuels.

We urge Biden and Congress to invest instead in nature-based, climate solutions such as protecting forests, restoring wetlands, and promoting regenerative agriculture. We also support requiring homes to be more energy-efficient and carbon-free, reduce overconsumption and overproduction, and to promote mass transit and other greener transit approaches, such as bicycles and walkable communities.


Green Party EcoAction Committee Calls for Biden Executive Action on Climate
October 26, 2021

Green Party of the United States
Newsroom | Twitter: @GreenPartyUS

Green Party Platform
Green New Deal
Green candidate database and campaign information
Facebook page
Green Pages: The official publication of record of the Green Party of the United States
Green Papers

Turning to Iraq where the vioence and the war never end,  AP reports:

Gunmen from the Islamic State extremist group attacked an army barracks in a mountainous area north of Baghdad early Friday, killing 11 soldiers as they slept, the Iraqi military and security officials said.

The officials said the attack occurred in the Al-Azim district, an open area north of Baqouba in Diyala province. The circumstances of the attack were not immediately clear, but two officials who spoke to The Associated Press said Islamic State group militants broke into the barracks at 3 a.m. local time and shot dead the soldiers.

No doubt, DW is prepping another one of tehir articles where they misrepresent actual events and try to pass this off as a "political" divide involving the "losers" of the October 10th elections.  But, in the real world, Mina Aldroubi (THE NATIONAL) reports:

The attack was one of the deadliest carried out by the extremist group against Iraqi security forces in recent months.

The army's Diyala Operations Command sent reinforcements to the headquarters in Hawi Al Azim district and opened an investigation.

“The attack was carried out against members of the First Division in the Al Azim area that lies on the borders between Diyala and Salaheddin governorate,” Diyala Governor Muthanna Al Tamimi said in a statement.

Mr Al Tamimi said the army were unprepared for the attack.

So ISIS raided Iraqi military headquarters in the dead of night and killed 11 Iraqi service members.  Besides "deadliest," I think the adjective "brazen" can also be used.

And this doesn't speak well of the Iraqi miliary.  Equally true, this sort of result tends to really embolden ISIS. 

And the attack in Iraq took place while ISIS was also carrying out a large-scale prsion break in Syria.

The following sites updated:

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The Not Us Gals love Charlie Rose

not us gals

From Feb. 26, 2020, that's "The Not Us Gals love Charlie Rose."  C.I. noted:

Isaiah's latest THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "The Not Us Gals love Charlie Rose."  Norah O'Donnell brags about last night's debate, "Elizabeth Warren thought we would let her talk about NDAs and work place harassment."  Gayle King laughs, "Silly fool.  We worked with Charlie Rose.  And we liked it!"  Charlie Rose explains, "CBS fired me for sexual misconduct but Norah and Gayle still got my back." Isaiah archives his comics at THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS.

They can pretend all they want but they tolerated and intentionally overlooked Charlie Rose's actions for years.  They're fake woke.

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

 Friday, December 10, 2021.  If there was an assassination attempt on Mustafa al-Kahdimi, who was behind it? US trops are not leaving Iraq and the US continues to persecute Julian Assange.

Starting with a documentary Ruth noted earlier "JFK UNSOLVED: THE REAL CONSPIRACIES ." 

KGO -- ABC 7 in the Bay Area -- produced the documentary with Dan Noyes as the reporter and with  interviews with Josiah Thompson (his most recent book on the assassination of JFK is LAST SECOND IN DALLAS) and Clint Hill (a Secret Service agent from the Eisenhower era to the Ford administration; he was in Dallas the day JFK was shot and is the one who jumped on the trunk after the shooting to shield the injured president and Jaqueline Kennedy).

All these years later and not only do questions remain but documents remain hidden -- documents that should have been released long ago.  Run out the clock and hope that by the time they're finally released it's an attitude of, "Oh, yeah, all those years ago bbrutal things happened.  You know like with Julius Caesar.  That's just how it was back then."  I do hope all the liars are held accountable -- not just the people that carried out the hit but also those who have made careers (and big bucks) out of lying and attacking.  They'll tell any lie at all -- like VARIETY's Owen as Ava and I noted in "Media: The stupid and the liars choose to serve corporations, not people:"


We think it's sad news that Oliver Stone has had to revisit the assassination of JFK.  It's sad but telling -- and most telling on our media.

58 years ago, then-President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.  The American people didn't buy the whitewash of The Warren Commission or it's 'expert; staff which included Gerald Ford (later a US president -- an unelected US president) and Arlen Specter (later a US senator).  A lot of people got 'lucky' or paid off because of how they responded to the assassination.  Lie -- like Ford and Specter -- and you or your children have a career -- Dan Rather, Ethan Hawke (are we really going to be the only ones to point out Ethan's connection?), Harry Connick Jr.,  Cokie Roberts . . . 

There were people and outlets who questioned the nonsense in real time -- Jim Garrison, Mark Lane,  and both Mort Sahl and Woody Allen made ridiculing The Warren Commission part of their stand up acts.   But the establishment managed to stifle a robust discussion by (a) ignoring it and (b) ridiculing it when they had to acknowledge it.  And those who stifle a robust discussion get rewarded.  Even by the 'left.'  Last year, RISING elected to invite on plastic surgery freak Gerald Posner.  Gerald dismissed any questions about the assassination in CASE CLOSED.  Since the publication of that book, turns out that Posner isn't just a freak in the mirror, he's a freak on the page.  He plagiarizes non-stop.  He got fired from THE DAILY BEAST for it.  Then, turns out, it was discovered he plagiarized in books and writings prior to joining THE DAILY BEAST.  But RISING thought he was an acceptable guest.  Lies and all, right, doesn't matter a bit.  Doesn't matter to VARIETY's Owen Gleibernman who cited the work of the plagiarist to attack Oliver's new documentary.


We have to wonder -- and we did ask an editor we know at VARIETY -- is that now the standard for the rag?  You refute an argument by citing the work of a plagiarist?  


And let's be clear, Owen refuted nothing.  Owen offered nothing.  He just dismissed and cited Twink-Faced-Frankenstein Gerald and added his own crackpot claims.  Such as?  Life is too damn short so we'll do one and only one:


Speaking of the throat wound, if it was, as the documentary claims, an entrance wound, caused by a bullet coming from the grassy knoll, wouldn’t that bullet have ripped through the side of Kennedy’s neck?


As we asked our friend as VARIETY, "How stupid is this bitch?"


He wrote that.  Owen wrote that garbage.  Took the time to type it up.  If it was a throat wound, it wouldn't have come through the side of the neck.  Has Owen ever taken his candy ass to Dallas?  Has he been to Dealey Plaza?  We asked community members Sabina and Dallas to each go there Saturday and stand in the approximate place where JFK was shot.  


Now, per The National Archives, JFK was shot at three times.  The first shot missed.  Shots two and three struck.  As we already knew before we looked at the photos that Sabina and Dallas sent us, the Grassy Knoll is in front of where shots two and third struck.  Or, if Own prefers, "Front and to the side, front and to the side."  (If you suffered through his piece, you got our joke there.)  The car was not parallel to the Grassy Knoll when shots two and three were fired.  


Maybe it's not just the stupid and the liars.  Maybe in the case of Owen Gleibernman it's possible to be both someone who gets it wrong because their stupid and also because they're a liar.  

They'll tell any lie that they think they can get away with.  

We bring it up because it's over a month now since the alleged assassination attempt on Mustafa al-Kahdimi.  The prime minister of Iraq claims he was targeted.  He claims six of his bodyguards were injured (the Iraqi government has claimed, at different times, four, five and six -- no names have ever been released which is why Iraqis on social media are skeptical about the injuries -- among other things).  Mustafa tried to ride the attempt or 'attempt' to popularity.  He's desperate for a second term but the Iraqi epople don't want him and press-appointed king maker Moqtada al-Sadr isn't cray about him while the one to always watch, Nouri al-Maliki, loathes him.  Nouri knows how to game the system and he's also been meeting with various blocs in his attempt to form the largest bloc and claim the right to name the prime minister designate.  WHile Nouri scrambles, Mustafa eats pastries and licks his fingers.  Fat and happy, right Moqtada?  Caftans can only hide so much.

So the day after the attempt or 'attempt' on his life, Mustafa shows up in public to proclaim he is strong and well and he knows who is behind the attempt (or 'attempt').

It's a month later.

Where are the arrests?

Or the arrest if it was some sort of 'lone gunman' flying the drones.

Where are the arrests?

Seems to me that a real attack, a real attempt to assassinate the prime minister of a country would result in arrests -- especially if they were claiming to know who carried it out.  Seems to me that not making any arrests is saying that anyone can get away with anything which would make Mustafa a huge target.

The government of Iran, in various state publications, is claiming that the US government was behind the attack.  That's something thats existed on Iraqi social media since the day of the attempt (or 'attempt').  That argument goes that the US backed Mustafa (true) and they realize Mustafa will probably be replaced because he's so unpopular so they staged an attack that would draw sympathy for Mustafa and force the country to rally around him.

If that is what happened, the US government is really stupid.  There's been no rallying around Mustafa and only an idiot would have believed that there would be.  He's unpopular.  Not because he has bad breath, because he's done nothing.  He promised he'd come in, hold early elections, and then leave  But the early elections got pushed back.  He's done nothing to address corruption.  

Real assassinations have taken place.  Protesters and journalists have been wounded and killed.  And their killers -- members of the Iraqi government -- walk free.  

Mustafa will give a fiery remark or show up for a photo-op but that's it.

People don't trust him and they don't like him.  

Where are the arrests?  

Again if it was a real attempt on his life, the failure to make any arrests sends a message that attempting to assassinate him is okay and no big deal.

Meanwhile US troops in Iraq aren't going anywhere.  Lolita C. Bandor and Robert Burns (AP) report:

The top U.S. commander for the Middle East said Thursday that the United States will keep the current 2,500 troops in Iraq for the foreseeable future, and he warned that he expects increasing attacks on U.S. and Iraqi personnel by Iranian-backed militias determined to get American forces out.

Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie said in an interview with The Associated Press at the Pentagon that despite the shift by U.S. forces to a non-combat role in Iraq, they will still provide air support and other military aid for Iraq’s fight against the Islamic State.

Noting that Iranian-backed militias want all Western forces out of Iraq, he said an ongoing uptick in violence may continue through December.

Yes, despite headlines, spin and claims, the US military is now Gilbert Grape with Leo braking down the truth, "We're not going anywhere."

AXIOS breaks it down:

What he's saying: Though the U.S. is ending its combat mission in Iraq, they will continue to provide air and other support in the fight against the Islamic State, McKenzie told AP.

They'll provide air and other support?  Yeah, this is the conversation that some members of Congress were having back in 2013 about how it was a lie to say these weren't combat missions.  Regardless, at least 2,500 US troops will remain in Iraq.


During a meeting with commanders of eight Iraqi Resistance groups, Shaykh Akram al-Kaabi said he did not believe the promise of the United States to withdraw from the country by the end of this year, citing statements by American military officials. He called the call for the dissolution of the Popular Mobilization Forces based on the demand of the Arab and Hebrew reactionaries and stated that the Resistance considers its weapons as sacred and will never lay them down.

Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen satellite television channel announced and broadcast a detailed video of a meeting held between the commanders of the Iraqi Islamic Resistance groups operating against the United States and Hujjat al-Islam Akram al-Kaabi, the secretary-general of Iraq’s al-Nujaba Islamic Resistance Movement, including the Ashab al-Kahf [Companions of the Cave], Liwa al-Thayirin [Revolutionaries’ Brigade], Liwa Thar al-Muhandis [Revenge of al-Muhandis Brigade], Liwa al-Qasem [Qasem Brigades], Tashkil al-Warithin [Establishment of the Inheritors], Fasil al-Muqawamah al-Dawliyyah [International Resistance Faction], Rijal Allah [Men of God] and Saraya Thawrah al-Ishrin al-Thaniyah [Second ۱۹۲۰ Revolutionary Brigade].

In this meeting, Hujjat al-Islam al-Kaabi, while listing the examples of assassination, murder, looting, evil and sacrilege in the behaviour of the government of the United States, stated, “Fighting against the United States and its followers in the region and the world is a religious and national obligation, and the Resistance does not retreat or waive this obligation in any way. Today, the arrogant American regime has arrogant and colonial projects not only in Iraq, but everywhere, and seeks to impose its influence on the whole world.”

Some might argue that Joe Biden was painting a target on the bakcs of those who will remain in Iraq.  Others might argue that this is the point, to have an event that sparks more US troops heading into Iraq and an attempt to increase the liklihood of war on Iran.  That would make sense when we think about the background of who Joe's nominated to be the new US ambassador to Iraq -- her background and her public statements.  (She's no fan of Iran, to put it mildly.)\

Would the US government be that sneaky?  Of course they would.  Related, Glenn Greenwald (SUBSTACK) reports the latest on the US government's continued persecution of Julian Assange:

In a London courtroom on Friday morning, Julian Assange suffered a devastating blow to his quest for freedom. A two-judge appellate panel of the United Kingdom's High Court ruled that the U.S.'s request to extradite Assange to the U.S. to stand trial on espionage charges is legally valid.

As a result, that extradition request will now be sent to British Home Secretary Prita Patel, who technically must approve all extradition requests but, given the U.K. Government's long-time subservience to the U.S. security state, is all but certain to rubber-stamp it. Assange's representatives, including his fiancee Stella Morris, have vowed to appeal the ruling, but today's victory for the U.S. means that Assange's freedom, if it ever comes, is further away than ever: not months but years even under the best of circumstances.

In endorsing the U.S. extradition request, the High Court overturned a lower court's ruling from January which had concluded that the conditions of U.S. prison — particularly for those accused of national security crimes — are so harsh and oppressive that there is a high likelihood that Assange would commit suicide. In January's ruling, Judge Vanessa Baraitser rejected all of Assange's arguments that the U.S. was seeking to punish him not for crimes but for political offenses. But in rejecting the extradition request, she cited the numerous attestations from Assange's doctors that his physical and mental health had deteriorated greatly after seven years of confinement in the small Ecuadorian Embassy where he had obtained asylum, followed by his indefinite incarceration in the U.K.

In response to that January victory for Assange, the Biden DOJ appealed the ruling and convinced Judge Baraitser to deny Assange bail and ordered him imprisoned pending appeal. The U.S. then offered multiple assurances that Assange would be treated "humanely" in U.S. prison once he was extradited and convicted. They guaranteed that he would not be held in the most repressive "supermax” prison in Florence, Colorado — whose conditions are so repressive that it has been condemned and declared illegal by numerous human rights groups around the world — nor, vowed U.S. prosecutors, would he be subjected to the most extreme regimen of restrictions and isolation called Special Administrative Measures ("SAMs”) unless subsequent behavior by Assange justified it. American prosecutors also agreed that they would consent to any request from Assange that, once convicted, he could serve his prison term in his home country of Australia rather than the U.S. Those guarantees, ruled the High Court this morning, rendered the U.S. extradition request legal under British law.

What makes the High Court's faith in these guarantees from the U.S. Government particularly striking is that it comes less than two months after Yahoo News reported that the CIA and other U.S. security state agencies hate Assange so much that they plotted to kidnap or even assassinate him during the time he had asylum protection from Ecuador. Despite all that, Lord Justice Timothy Holroyde announced today that “the court is satisfied that these assurances” will serve to protect Assange's physical and mental health. 

The following sites updated:

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Saturday, November 20, 2021


ETERNALS is a hit at the movie theaters -- already having made $128 million in North America alone.  It's based on the comic book series -- MARVEL.

But, did you know, that you could read that comic book -- the entire 70s series -- for free if you're a member of AMAZON KINDLE UNLIMITED?



The magnifying glass feature is not available.  If you need to make the pages bigger, you'll have to hold down the "ctrl" button and hit the "+" button repeatedly until it's the size you want.

The pages have really strong color which, sadly, is not always the case with these reproductions of comic books. 

I enjoyed the comic book collection.  But I do like the movie better.  The movie more accurately reflects today.  That may seem odd when we're talking about a comic book based on ancient gods.  But the movie brings it in to today and the 70s comic book brought it into the 70s -- especially with those bad hairstyles on the men.

I think "The Celestials" is the strongest of the comic books (it's issue two) but all are worth reading. 

Issuie two also has very strong illustrations but I think, illustration wise, is issue eight ("The City of Toads" illustrated by Mike Royer and colored by Glynis Wein) and issue nine ("The Killing Machine" illustrated by Mike Royer and colored by Glynis Wein).

By the way, Glynis Wein is now Glynis Oliver.   I went to CRAPAPEDIA to find out more about her and was disappointed to see that her work on ETERNALS doesn't even get mentioned in her Bibliography.

And I need to note Stan on this post.  I wouldn't have seen the film without Stan.  The critics were savaging it and calling it a flop before it even came out.  Stan has done multiple posts on the film and on its success at the box office (unlike the media-hyped DUNE, ETERNALS is an actual hit).  So big thank you to Stan.
Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Friday, November 19, 2021.  Prior restraint -- a trademark of the Biden era?, Joe continues to misuse the FBI to protect his daughter, Mosul remains scarred, the media works hard to let the officials in the KRG off scott free and much more.

Starting in the US, the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press issued the following statement:

Today, a state court in New York entered a prior restraint at the request of Project Veritas against the New York Times ordering it to “refrain from further disseminating or publishing any of Project Veritas’ ‘privileged materials'” in its possession, pending a court hearing next week. The order also bars the Times from “further efforts to solicit or acquire” Project Veritas’ “attorney-client privileged materials.”

The following may be attributed to Bruce Brown, executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press:

“This is the first prior restraint entered against the New York Times since the Pentagon Papers, and it is an outrageous affront to the First Amendment.

“Prior restraints — which are orders not to publish — are among the most serious threats to press freedom. The trial court should have never entered this order. If it doesn’t immediately vacate the prior restraint, an appellate court must step in and do so.”

The Reporters Committee regularly files friend-of-the-court briefs and its attorneys represent journalists and news organizations pro bono in court cases that involve First Amendment freedoms, the newsgathering rights of journalists and access to public information. Stay up-to-date on our work by signing up for our monthly newsletter and following us on Twitter or Instagram.

That is a huge overstep.   Prior restraint.   

It's getting a lot of attention.  IN fact, it's getting more attention than a related -- and much more important -- matter.  Joe Biden's misuse of the FBI.

Joe's abusing the power of the office and that is a high crime.  Who is he protecting by the way?  

His drug using daughter who apparently kept a sex diary and then, high and stoned, lost it.

Joe's using the FBI and the Justice Dept on this matter.

That's an abuse of power.  It's a misuse of the government.  Should, heaven forbid, the US suffer another 9/11 tomorrow, he would need to answer to the American people why he used government resources illegally to protect his daughter and how that harmed the safety of the nation since these misused resources should have been focused on issues pertaining to the safety of the American people.

That's not what the president does.  It's an abuse of power.

Your forty-year-old daughter's an adventurer (or slut, whatever you prefer) who documents her drugs use and extra-marital sex?  That's your personal problem.  Stop abusing government resources and misusing the taxypayers' money to try to protect your daughter.  Maybe buy her some condoms out of your own money (or whatever you've forced Hunter to grift for you) but stop misusing the US Justice Dept.

Your daughter's slutting around is not a national security matter.  It's an embarrassment but, sadly, your whole family's become that.  Your misuse of the power of the office is an abuse and does qualify as a high crime.  You should apologize immediately.  If the House flips, as history suggests it will and as polling predicts it will, in the mid-terms, your actions are begging the GOP to bring impeachment charges against you.

The move is as dumb as AOC.  And apparently that's what we're currently stuck with: Idiotic statements and moves from what passes for the Democratic Party. From MEDIAITE:

Ocasio-Cortez is a frequent target of outrage and derision by her GOP colleagues, but she gave as good as she’s gotten in this clip. She “complimented” the House Minority Leader for managing “to speak for over an hour with one of the lowest vocabularies I have ever seen, coming from a member of House Leadership.”

She did not give good.  She embarrassed herself yet again.  Seh's still the same corporatist airhead that I said she was before she was sworn in.  Seh's a fake ass and one of The Fraud Squad which most people now get.  But she's also an idiot.  Read the above and grasp that she crafted it with the help of three people and she still comes off as an idiot.  Referring to what someone said, what was spoken, she states it was "one of the lowest vocabularies I have ever seen."

She can't even do bitchy right, she's that stupid.  You don't see someone use a low vocabulary, you hear them use it.  What a stupid moron.  Instead of all the time she spends on her makeup -- far too much for someone in Congress -- she should try to work on her comprehension skills and on her word usage.  In fact, someone should gift her with a thesaurus.

And, no, Alexandria, that's not a sex toy.


Turning to Iraq, THE DAILY SABAH reports:

Turkish contractors and consultancy firms can be a part of projects involving infrastructure, hospitals, schools and public buildings in Iraq. This cooperation can be further facilitated by a reversal in discrimination regarding the conditions of fair competition as well as the easing of processes required to do business, a Turkish trade official said Friday.

Oh.  Now it makes sense.  The government of Turkey is terrorizing Iraqis in northern Iraq and dropping bombs and starting fires to create jobs?  Oh, that makes it alright then.  Let's stop calling them terrorists

No.  They're terrorists and it's past time that they were treated as such.

And people have fled from that region due to the violence.

Instead of defending the people, the KRG is blaming others.

That's beyond nonsense and it's shameful.  Various politicians are inventing lies to cover up for their failure to protect the citizens of the KRG from Turkey.

Liar Aydin Maruf is only one KRG official lying to the press.  

He insists that people are fleeing because of the PKK.  


How is that?

The PKK is not new to the KRG.  The PKK is a pro-Kurdish body -- extremely pro-Kurdish -- that took up arms in the 80s in what they saw a response to the never ending attacks -- physical attacks -- on Kurds in Turkey and elsewhere.  There have been many deahts since -- innocents as well as those two main groups engaged in the struggle PKK members and members of the Turkish military.

The PKK isn't burning down forests in the region, that's the Turkish military.  They claim that they have to burn things down -- it's that old 'to save the village, we had to burn the village' crap -- insisting that without burning things down, the PKK will be able to hide.

The region has various small villages and farmers.  They are the ones being harmed by the actions of the Turkish military.  A military, please note, that's not even supposed to legally be in Iraq.

Two days ago, AFN NEWS explained:

Soran Omer, who was elected MP in the Iraqi elections in October, released information on the Kurdistan Regional Government's attitude towards the Kurdish migrants who have been stranded at the Polish-Belarusian border.

In a post on his Facebook page, the Kurdish parliamentarian revealed that the regional government sent letters to the European countries on the matter.

According to Soran, the regional government designated the Kurdish migrants at the Polish-Belarusian border as terrorists and criminals and accused some of them of being human traffickers who abducted women and children.


In the meantime, the Kurdistan Communist Party held a demonstration in Hewlêr (Erbil) to express their concerns over the migration from the region.

A statement was read out by Raber Mexdîd, head of the youth wing of the party’s Hewler branch.

“The lives of migrants at the Polish-Belarusian border are in huge jeopardy because of the cold weather and hunger. We call on the United Nations and other international organizations to fulfil their responsibilities and address the precarious conditions of the migrants,” the statement said.

The statement added that the erosion of freedoms and lack of justice, basic services and job opportunities are the reasons for migration.

Let's stay with reality.  Mosul has not been rebuilt all this time later.  That shouldn't be a controversial observation.  Yet whenever we make it there are people (Americans) who just know that they know better. One e-mailer insists, "Everything's fine, people are fine, it's all rebuilt and everyone has gotten on with their lives.  There are no scars and no healing necessary.  You spend too much time watching MSNBC."

MSNBC doesn't cover Iraq.  Why would I watch that channel?  RT covers Iraq.  Regularly.  At any rate, the scars remain and the healing is not complted.  Let's note Doctors Without Borders:

“I still remember the exact moment I understood what it means to be neutral and impartial,” says Abdulrahman Dhannoon Khaleel, MSF Project Coordinator Support in West Mosul, Iraq. “This was 2017; I had only been with MSF for a short time then. We were working in a makeshift hospital in the Nablus neighbourhood, in West Mosul, close to the front line. And injured people were arriving at our hospital every hour.” 

Between the fronts

Between 2016 and 2017, the Iraqi Security Forces, supported by a US-led international coalition, launched a military offensive to retake Mosul from the Islamic State group, who had been occupying the city for three and a half years.  

“The situation was chaotic,” Dhannoon recalls. “One day, we received a wounded child in the MSF makeshift hospital. The six-year-old was being interrogated on the suspicion that his father was a member of the Islamic State group. We put ourselves in front of the boy and protected him. The only thing that mattered to us was that he needed medical help.”

Abdulrahman Dhannoon Khaleel, MSF Project Coordinator Support in West Mosul, Iraq “One day, we received a wounded child in the MSF makeshift hospital. The six-year-old was being interrogated on the suspicion that his father was a member of the Islamic State group. We put ourselves in front of the boy and protected him.”

“In the end, it turned out that he and his parents were civilians,” continues Dhannoon. “They tried to flee the city but did not manage to escape the fighting. They were swept away by the battle and got stuck in the old city - a maze of small streets and historic houses, until the neighbourhood was liberated. In the chaos, the young boy was separated from his parents.”

Now, more than four years later, the devastating effects of the war are not only still visible, but also still strongly felt in Ninewa governorate, northwest Iraq, and in its main city, Mosul. Many people are still displaced; people’s psychological trauma remains largely untreated, and many of the damaged health facilities are not yet fully functional again. 

Hope for the future

“I was here when the Islamic State group took the city in 2014 up until the end of the war. It is impossible to explain what that was like,” Dhannoon remembers. “There are simply no words for it... It was like being tortured from the inside. There was no future... nothing.”
“The things we have experienced put a heavy burden on us. Nobody talks about that though,” says Dhannoon. “Yes, the war is over, yes, the city is safer, but you can still see a lot of anger and pain in people’s eyes wherever you go.” 

Yes, the war is over, yes, the city is safer, but you can still see a lot of anger and pain in people’s eyes wherever you go. Abdulrahman Dhannoon Khaleel, MSF Project Coordinator Support in West Mosul, Iraq 

“People here want to look forward,” Dhannoon continues. “Many would say that they are happy, but in reality, we have seen a lot of misery, really a lot of misery.” 

Just like its people, Mosul is fighting to get back on its feet. The traces of the war still shape the cityscape, but reconstruction efforts are progressing. 

MSF teams are trying to heal both the physical and psychological scars of the war by providing access to much needed healthcare for the heavily affected people of Mosul. We run a hospital offering free neonatal, maternity, and paediatric services in the Nablus neighbourhood, on the west bank of the Tigris River.  

Further east, in Al-Nahrawan, one of the poorest neighbourhoods of Mosul, another similar project is run by our teams. At both locations, an average of up to 1,000 children are born and cared for each month. In eastern Mosul, MSF also offers reconstructive surgery and comprehensive post-operative care at the Al-Wahda Hospital. There, our teams provide much-needed care for people injured by accidental or violent trauma. 

From January to October 2021, we provided 1,029 surgical interventions, 4,494 and 1,351 inpatient and outpatient consultations respectively. Psychological support and health counselling services are also available at all three locations.


A recovering health system

“People tend to think that when a battle is over, things naturally go back to normal,” explains Esther van der Woerdt, Head of Mission for MSF in Iraq. “But the truth is that recovery takes years – not to say decades.” 

“Many of the basic infrastructure were destroyed or damaged during the battles and many of them still need to be rebuilt or rehabilitated,” says van der Woerdt. “Public healthcare structures in Mosul are struggling to cover the needs, and some people still cannot afford healthcare, either because they have lost everything in the conflict and/or are hardly making ends meet after they lost their livelihood. In that sense, the free healthcare services that we offer are quite essential for the people.”

“People tend to think that when a battle is over, things naturally go back to normal. But the truth is that recovery takes years – not to say decades.”  Esther van der Woerdt, Head of Mission for MSF in Iraq 

Besides providing healthcare services, we are also helping the city’s health system to get back on its feet and are providing the required support to ensure it can cope with new emergencies. In 2019, MSF rebuilt a hospital dedicated to the treatment of infectious diseases in the east of Mosul, to improve access to health services for the local community. 

And between March and December 2020, we supported Mosul’s health system in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, by temporarily transforming our 62-bed post-operative care centre (known today as Al-Wahda Orthopaedic Hospital), in the east of the city, into a COVID-19 isolation and treatment centre for suspected and confirmed COVID-19 cases.

From the time MSF transformed the hospital into a COVID-19 facility until returning to our regular activities, our teams cared for 975 COVID-19 patients. To further extend the support to the COVID-19 response in the Ninewa governorate, MSF also ran a 16-bed intensive care unit between November 2020 and April 2021 to offer advanced care for severely and critically ill COVID-19 patients, where 14 patients were cared for.

“Our activities in the city are evolving with the context,” says van der Woerdt. “And we’re trying to adapt to the best of our ability to people’s medical needs, guided solely by our medical ethics and neutral and impartial principles.” 


No matter who you are – we are here for you

Peter Bräunig 

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