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The Closing Argument


From January 17, 2016, that's "The Closing Argument."  C.I. noted:

Hillary explains her main points from the Democratic debate NBC aired tonight, "The easiest way this ends?  Just make me your queen.  Did you not hear me cite my experience?  One failure after another."    Isaiah archives his comics at The World Today Just Nuts.

The only thing I'd change about that comic if I were doing it now?  "The easiest way this ends? Just make me your queen or I'll spend four years disputing the results of the election and pimping nutty, conspiracy theories for why I lost."

Here's C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot:"

Friday, April 26, 2019.  A worrying development in Iraq, reactions to Joe Biden's announced run for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, and much more.

Yesterday, Joe Biden entered the race for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.  Yet today did not find the skies more brilliantly blue and we did not see rainbows across the country with people whooping in joy over the pots of gold to be found at the end of them.  In other words, Joe's not the transformative candidate so many try to tell you he is.

He officially began his campaign as muted and unfocused as many expect it to end.

Still laughing at Joe Biden’s presidential campaign resembling the inside of a funeral pamphlet

He was welcomed into the race by his fellow Democrats.

Warren on the bankruptcy bill --"I got in that fight because (families) just didn't have anyone and Joe Biden was on the side of the credit card companies."

🔴Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders pounce as Joe Biden enters race

And he was welcomed by the current President of the United States.

welcomes to the Presidential race...thoughts? 👇🇺🇸🤔

If you make it?  This is Joe's third time at bat and, at his age, he has to worry about so much more than just a pulled groin muscle -- he could fall and break a hip.

Former US Senator Mike Gravel reminds everyone about War Hawk Joe and his support for the Iraq War.

No 2020.  Look at the record: Iraq, Kosovo, Sudan.

Donate $1 so we can tell him off in the debate:



For those unfamiliar with Mike Gravel, Diane Rehm gave this overview in 2007, "A generation ago, Democratic Senator Mike Gravel helped end the draft and entered thousands of pages of the secret Pentagon Papers into the Congressional record."  Joe has done important things too -- like start and continue the Iraq War.

While Joe stumbles trying to figure out where he stands on the Iraq War at this moment in time, others seeking the presidential nomination are not so confused.

For decades, leaders of both parties have violated our Constitution by illegally waging war without congressional approval. As your commander in chief, I will end such illegal wars.

0:06 / 0:59

US House Rep Tulsi Gabbard is using her campaign to tell the American people exactly what she would do as president.

In Iraq?

Today, a corpse was found dumped in the streets of Baghdad.  ALSUMARIA reports the man had been shot dead.  Right here is where the media's teacher should be knocking on the desk and instructing the reporters to pay attention.  When bodies are dumped in the streets of Baghdad, that's traditionally a sign that a wave of violence is beginning.  That in and of itself is enough to be concerned.

But there's also only four days left in the month.  May will be here next week.

In October, the CIA's long beloved choice for prime minister, Adil Abdul-Mahdi, was finally made prime minister of Iraq.  He was one of their top candidates in 2006 and, since 2010, had been their top candidate.  Apparently, as if further proof was needed, the CIA can't even handle basic analysis.  Adil is an utter failure as prime minister.

Had the Iraqi Constitution been followed -- it's never followed -- is that because the US government wrote it?  Had the Iraqi people been allowed to write their own Constitution and select their own leadership, how different would things be today?

At any rate, after the election, per the Constitution, the president of Iraq is declared.  She or he then names someone the prime minister designate and he or she then has 30 days to form a Cabinet.  If they can do that, they are named prime minister.  If they can't, a new person is supposed to be selected and given 30 days to form a Cabinet.  (Due to the wording, it's also true that the same candidate who failed could be given a second thirty day period to try to form a Cabinet.)

Adil failed at forming a Cabinet.  But he was moved on to prime minister anyway -- and he promised he'd have that Cabinet filled in a matter of weeks.

In less than a week, it will be May.  Adil still does not have a Minister of Interior (over the country's police forces) or a Minister of Defense (over the country's military).  He has still not filled those positions.  We are mere days away from seven months -- seven months where he has failed to fill those positions.

Now Nouri al-Maliki, former prime minister and forever thug, did not fill those positions in his second term.  He didn't fail at it, he just didn't want them filled.  Why?  Because, with the help of a whorish international press, he could pretend he did.  He would name someone the Defense Minister and the US and European press wold then refer to that person as the Minister of Defense.  But they weren't.  The way it works is that the prime minister nominates someone and the Parliament confirms them.  That's how it works.  And then if the person must be removed, it requires Parliament to do so.  This is how the minister remains independent (in theory).  By refusing to nominate anyone for those posts, nominate to Parliament, Nouri controlled them.  The 'minister' had no power because Parliament didn't confirm them.  They did what Nouri told them or they were out of a job -- one they really didn't hold.

This was not an accident on Nouri's part, he did not want the security ministries filled because he wanted to control them.

For those who have forgotten, Nouri's second term (the one we're talking about) saw Iraq lose control over a number of areas -- including its second most populated city, Mosul -- to ISIS.  ISIS rose because of Nouri al-Maliki's actions.

When ISIS rose, there was no real Minister of Interior or Minister of Defense.  Do we pretend that never happened?

Apparently, we do pretend that because nearly seven months after Adil became prime minister, Iraq once again has no Minister of Defense and has no Minister of Interior.  US troops remain on the ground in Iraq -- supposedly to fight ISIS.  (Supposedly?  US forces have remained in Iraq -- including during the drawdown that the media painted as a withdrawal -- US military leaders never called it a "withdrawal" because it was not -- and the reason they remain in Iraq is because these puppet governments and leaders the US government keeps trying to graft onto Iraq refuse to take.  But it's also true that the press coverage -- limited though it was -- of Spc Ryan Dennis Orin Riley's death last Saturday in Iraq included outlets that insisted he was stationed there to fight ISIS and outlets that insisted he was there to fight al Qaeda.  They are two different groups.  And, for the record, US troops are supposed to be there to fight ISIS.)  So you have US troops on the ground in Iraq to fight ISIS at the same time that the Iraqi government can't find people to head the security ministries?  We're wasting time and money and human lives defending a country whose own prime minister feels no need to have a Minister of Defense, for example?

Yet again, the Iraqi people have had the US impose another 'exile' to be prime minister of their country.  For the US government, the chief trait you must possess to be prime minister?  You have to have fled Iraq like a coward and stayed hidden for years and years, not returning to Iraq until after the 2003 US-led invasion.

These cowards have been very good at nursing their personal grudges -- which helps to keep Iraq trapped in a pattern of violence -- but really poor at governance.

While Adil has no real support to speak of, Shi'ite cleric and movement leader Moqtada al-Sadr continues to be a very popular leader in Iraq. MIDDLE EAST MONITOR notes:

The Sadrist Movement leader and head of the Sairoon Alliance in Iraq, Muqtada Al-Sadr, called on Thursday for a rejection of internal conflict and corruption “before it is too late.” In a message on Twitter, Al-Sadr warned that anti-government protests could return to the streets as the six-month deadline he gave to the new administration to prove its worth is coming to an end.
“You know that proving your chance of success has been limited by six months to a year,” he wrote. “You will not succeed, if your government and ministers are partisan based upon abhorrent sectarian wishes.”
Al-Sadr addressed his message to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, whom he gave six months to prove his ability in managing the government formed at the end of last year.
However, a former leader of the Sadrist Movement, Bahaa Al-Araji, revealed a few days ago that Al-Sadr is planning to replace Abdul Mahdi due to his “failure”. Al-Araji explained that the Prime Minister has failed to complete his ministerial formation.

The speech is noted on Twitter as is the issue Moqtada raised -- why is Iraq -- oil rich Iraq -- spending $5 billion a year purchasing oil from Iran?

Sayid Muqtada Al-Sadr:
"The six months period of the government has ended ... rise to fight corruption and rebuild Iraq, not building your parties and the neighbor, otherwise it would be too late and Iraq will be lost"

The speech of Iraqi leader Al-Sayyid Muqtada Al-Sadr on 25/4/2019 about spreading the dirt.
إنتشار الأوساخ والقاذورات .. تغريدة الزعيم العراقي السيد مقتدى الصدر اعزه الله في موقع تويتر 25 / 4 / 2019

The speech of Iraqi leader Al-Sayyid Muqtada Al-Sadr on 25/4/2019 about spreading the dirt.
إنتشار الأوساخ والقاذورات .. تغريدة الزعيم العراقي السيد مقتدى الصدر اعزه الله في موقع تويتر 25 / 4 / 2019

The speech of Iraqi leader Al-Sayyid Muqtada Al-Sadr on 24/4/2019
تغريدة سماحة القائد السيد مقتدى الصدر (أعزه الله) عبر حسابه الشخصي في "تويتر" بتاريخ 2019/4/24

The speech of Iraqi leader Al-Sayyid Muqtada Al-Sadr on 24/4/2019
تغريدة سماحة القائد السيد مقتدى الصدر (أعزه الله) عبر حسابه الشخصي في "تويتر" بتاريخ 2019/4/24

This kind of sentiment is just a small part of why Muqtada al-Sadr is viewed as the leading Iraqi Shia nationalist these days.

Sayyid Muqtada al-Sadr's tweet on (twitter): the ninth lesion

In the US, the big news is the historic moment where six women are seeking the Democratic Party's presidential nomination.  US House Rep Tulsi Gabbard is one of those women.

  • Join us in Des Moines, Iowa for a at Franklin Jr High at 6:30pm this Friday - RSVP here: or text IOWA to 48728 - hope to see you there!

    For decades, leaders of both parties have violated our Constitution by illegally waging war without congressional approval. As your commander in chief, I will end such illegal wars.

    Time to end the hand-wringing and take action to protect our elections. My Securing America’s Elections Act will institute back-up paper ballots so no one can manipulate our votes & hack our elections. Click on the link and urge Congress to act now.

    Trump's withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal increases the likelihood of war & undermines talks with Kim Jong Un to denuclearize N. Korea. While the Iran deal is not perfect, it is working by preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon and preventing an all-out war.

    Growing up in Hawaii, wanting to take care of our beautiful environment came naturally to me. I realized that I was most happy when I was doing things to serve others, taking care of our environment, rather than just doing things for my own interests. 

    : On eve of 5-year-anniversary of , Flint's Calls 4 Investigation Into Illegal Water Testing Exposed in Flint-Testing Data w Which Gov Rick Snyder used 2 declare Flint's water "restored"


  • Trump/Pence continue to try to hide the truth from their Christian supporters--the terrorist attacks on Christians/Christian churches in Sri Lanka and elsewhere are inspired by the extremist Saudi ideology that Saudi Arabia spends billions propagating worldwide.

    Tulsi serves 16+ years in Army Guard, deployed twice to ME, served 6+ years in Congress’ Foreign Affairs & Armed Services Committees, one of first female combat vets in Congress. But treats her as invisible. Typical MSM anti-Tulsi policy: ignore or vilify -V (Tulsi’s sister)

    Marianne Williamson is another.

  • Looking forward to tomorrow evening’s town hall at the Center for Spiritual Living Greater Las Vegas. More info at

    Joe Biden‘s theme is Healing the Soul of America. Does that mean he’s endorsing me?

    Looking forward to this evening’s Town Hall event at The Center in Las Vegas. More info at:

    We need fewer than 9,000 unique donors now to get to the DNC debate stage. Let’s get this done! Much more will open up to us then...

    Thinking we’re going to defeat Trump by playing it safe is a very dangerous idea.

    People whose entire careers been spent entrenched within a system that got us into a ditch should not be considered the only ones qualified to get us out of it. Nothing so dangerous to the status quo as new ideas & free thinking. Support new ideas anyway!

    I’ve noticed a technique among certain pols. Someone will ask what they would do about a certain problem and they then respond by throwing out all this indication of empathy about it, easily obscuring the fact that they’re not saying they would do anything about it at all.

    If a doctor is to heal you, he also has to honestly give you the bad news if test results don’t come back good. Most pols don’t tell you any bad news because they think it might make you like them less. Politics then becomes not about healing but about dancing with the disease.

    Only fierce and radical truth telling has the power to override the dangerous influence of a pathological liar. He will eat the half-truth tellers alive.

    Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is another.

  • I’m running for president. Let’s prove that brave wins. Join me:

  • No parent should have to depend on the compassion and generosity of coworkers to care for a seriously ill child. We need national paid family leave now.

    I proudly endorsed in her primary for Illinois's 3rd congressional district. We need her in Congress, fighting for good jobs, health care, and equal rights for all—including women and LGBT Americans. If you can, chip in to support her:

    It's been five years since the Flint water crisis began, and still, not every family has the guarantee of clean water. has been tirelessly keeping up the ongoing fight for justice—you can support her community here:

    It’s always been harder for women to run for office and win—but we can break that cycle by getting off the sidelines and speaking up in this election. Chip in $1 and we'll send you this sticker:

    I've always been an underdog. I'm used to it. I've also won every race I've run. So when I say I'm not worried about being discounted now, you can believe it.

    Senator Kamala Harris is running.

    100 Americans are killed by guns every single day. Gun violence is a national epidemic and it’s time we take action. Tonight I announced the executive actions I intend to take in my first 100 days as president if Congress refuses to act.

    How do we get voters out to the polls? Invest in community leadership.

    . will sign HB 19-1225, eliminating cash bail for minor offenses! Each year over 10K Coloradans languish in jail pretrial simply bc they can't afford to get out. Amazing work by & . Please share!

    Our justice system continues to target and imprison young Black and Latinx Americans at high levels due to outdated, unjust marijuana laws. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: we must legalize marijuana across the country.

    When my mother got sick, she had the benefit of having Medicare, but not everybody does. High costs should not be a barrier to health care. Medicare for All is the solution.

    We need to reduce barriers to voting so more voices are heard at the ballot box. Automatic voter registration works and must be implemented nationwide.

    Senator Amy Klobuchar is running:

    This is a poll tax by another name, and therefore unconstitutional. The GOP has been steadily trying to chip away at voting rights for decades and we can't let them. Our democracy is stronger when more people participate in it.

    Such a powerful day at . Women of color face systemic racism and sexism, but I promise you this — I will always fight for justice.



    Pharma doesn't own me, and neither do the fake patient advocacy groups they've created that are pushing to keep drug prices high, while pretending to fight for patients. I will continue to advocate for patients to bring these prices down.

    And Senator Elizabeth Warren is running for the nomination as well.

  • This is a big win for coastal communities and our environment – but the Trump Admin never should have pushed to expand offshore drilling to begin with. It’s time for to bury this plan once and for all.

    I’ve spent years fighting back against shady for-profit colleges, & the officials & organizations that enable them to defraud students & taxpayers.

    We should ban for-profit colleges from sucking down federal dollars.

    Too many Americans are being crushed by student debt. Our government should be investing in creating opportunities for people like Alexis and Akilah, not grinding them down even further.

    The first bill I introduced in the Senate was to slash the interest rate on federal student loans to the same deal the big banks got. For years, I’ve been pushing ways to roll back student loan debt because students don't have an army of lobbyists & lawyers.

    America’s hardworking families need champions who will fight for them. Thanks to and leaders across the country standing with as they fight to protect good jobs and healthcare for families.

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