Sunday, January 29, 2012

David Fitzsimmons and David Horsey are liars

My latest comic just went up. I'm putting it below.

the arm grab

That's called "The Arm Grab." Thank you to C.I. because I called it "The Cropped Photo." She called me -- from a post-SAG Awards party -- as she was quickly working on her "And the war drags on . . ." entry for tonight to ask me what I thought of "The Arm Grab"? She said the comic didn't note a cropped photo. She was right, it didn't. Sometimes I forget what I want to write when I do the dialogue.

C.I.'s point was that calling it "The Arm Grab" will draw more attention to what the press ignored. So thanks to C.I., it ended up better than it was. (And I'm amazed she was able to think clearly at all. I heard ____ singing in the background. I asked, "Do you have the radio on?" "Oh, no, that's really ___. He's a little tipsy and singing for all of us right now.")

The reason I did this comic was (a) we talked about doing a feature at Third on this but ran out of time (a lot of people wanted to go to the Awards with C.I.) and (b) I looked online tonight and there are comics on this topic . . . comics that lie!

David Fitzsimmons lies in his comic here. And David Horsey lies here. You may insist, "Maybe they didn't lie, maybe they didn't see the photo." Their cartoons are about the photo so clearly they saw it. (If you haven't, click here to view it at Gawker. I'm not a Gawker fan but it's one of the few sites with the uncropped photo and one of the few sites that will display the photo a year from now. USA Today, for example, will have the article a year from now but not the photo if their other articles are anything to go by.)

It's amazing how in both comics, Barack doesn't have his hand on Brewer. When in the uncropped photo he does. And when that's what the news media REFUSED to report on. I mention Norah O'Donnell in the comic not just because she was tight with Dick Cheney (hosting a party for his pregnant office assissant in Bush's first term among other things) but also because she did a video report on the issue for CBS and used the cropped photo. That wasn't an accident on her part.

If you want to discuss what happened, then discuss it. But don't ignore the fact that Barack was gripping Brewer's left arm.

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