Thursday, February 19, 2009

Condi Rice, Dangerous Fashion Plate

That was the first comic I did for The Common Ills (though not first illustration for the site). I had no idea what I was going for in terms of The World Today Just Nuts. The press then was going ga-ga over Condi's fashions and that was the premise for the comic. C.I. noted, "Secretary of State Condi Rice expresses her view of Latin America (which she holds in her hands) and the press just wants to focus on her wardrobe." The female photographer asks, "What's Condi got in her hands?" Another photographer asks, "Who cares? She looks fabulous! Condi! Condi." A third photographer also calls out, "Condi! Condi!" That was May 2, 2005 that the comic went up. A long, long time ago. The early ones don't have titles so I'll create one now: "Condi Rice, Dangerous Fashion Plate." Click on the illustration if it cuts off on your computer.

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