Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bully is . . .

Bully is . . .

That is the second comic I did. From May 8, 2005. If you use the link, you'll see it slightly different. When I started out, I would use a large piece of drawing paper and use a great deal of space (waste). And it would look fine on my end but when it was scanned and then e-mailed to the site (Hello! required you e-mail the illustrations) it would sometimes be hard to read and I'd wish it was bigger. When we went to DC in January 2007, I brought it and we were going to crop it. But it got misplaced. So tonight C.I. took it to Flickr and cropped it there.

It's spoofing the "Love is . . ." comics. Condi Rice and Bully Boy. "Bully is . . . plotting destruction together."

Two things. I did an interview with Mike that will be up later tonight so check his site. I explain why I'm not reposting the snapshot but I also know I can still link to it. C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" has everything you need to know about Iraq. Go check it out.

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